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Matter of phenomena running on the rails of 2.0

2023-01-20 08:33

Max Angotti

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Matter of phenomena running on the rails of 2.0

You always subscribe to pay click news, building phenomena around Italy. I don't subscribe to PPC but to your choice to support me without comp




Abbocchi sempre alle notizie pay click, costruendo fenomeni in giro per l'Italia. Io non mi appoggio a PPC ma alla tua scelta di sostenermi senza comprare nessuno.



Pay Per Click is the process by which the owner of a website/landing page pays a certain amount of money, for example to Google, to receive clicks on specially created sponsored ads. In general, we can say that the one who runs a PPC campaign is "buying" a visitor for his or her website rather than getting it organically


Pay-per-click advertising can be part of a complex Web marketing strategy; it directs target traffic to a landing page or Web site, increasing passenger traffic and, under the right conditions, enabling increased sales as well. They are cost-effective: you pay only when a user actually reaches the Web site or landing page.

They need an investment of time: you cannot simply set up your PPC campaigns and abandon them. You need to invest time in optimizing ads, keywords and extensions. With Pay Per Click the user can on others.

The story of the "commuting janitor" is presented as a reflection of another story in a not-so-distant period on social media: the story of the "student/influencer who never slept, graduating early. A janitor presented in the media as a heroine of work and fixed place who every day takes the train from Naples to Milan because it is cheaper than finding accommodation in Milan.
Event, viralized news bouncing from one media outlet to another induced many users to click the news and activate pay per click. The "commuter janitor" has already become the new myth, the influencer of the moment.

Many would then be prompted to ask, "But why not take up residence in the Cremasque or Pavia area with an hour commute instead of coping with 18 hours of travel and six hours of work?" Dogmatic, superficial, without leading readers to click on it, an exaltation of the annihilation of being "me, I'm the one or the one they're talking about online" in the name of the fixed place.

Although pay-per-click ads allow you to be visible right away with an awe-inspiring article and quickly reach the top of the search list, it is also important to be in the list in the top 4 searches on the first page, and this can only be done through a great search engine campaign...and you always bite

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