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Mom I lost my mind

2023-02-07 13:52

Max Angotti

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Mom I lost my mind

Which parents abandon their children?

A condition that sees couples of young boys subjected to a load of commitment and responsibility towards their children. Poverty and the financial resources available are sometimes the main reasons that lead to the choice of giving children up for adoption. But that's not the case that has been rampant lately among young couples who purposely abandon their children on their own whims.

It happens more and more that young couples and not only fall into depression and consequently they care even less for their children or are less emotionally available, or that they make their own confidants of the offspring, dealing much less with their personal problems as children.

on January 31st, at Tel Aviv airport, a couple of parents abandon their child in the parking lot. Considering the delay and the closure of the check-in gate, they justified the gesture to the airport authorities by trying in every way to board the flight that would take them to Brussels. The incident has aroused a lively reaction among both members of the airline's staff and those who have witnessed the abandonment of the child. The parents were interrogated and subsequently arrested by the local police forces.

On the slopes of Valdaora, a couple from the Czech Republic chose the ski slopes in South Tyrol to spend the last days of their holidays. At each lap of the slope, after the ascent, the conditions of the two-year-old boy were ascertained. Certainly, however covered he was, he could not stand alone. The routine repeated for several minutes made those present suspicious who noticed the situation, thus alerting the Carabinieri of the nearby station who were preparing to formalize the checks on the Czech couple with a complaint for abandonment of minors.


July 2022. This is what happened to a forty-year-old couple from Bologna. Blame the whims of the seven-year-old boy, the repeated changes of plans, situations taken for granted or lack of sharing between the parents and the affection they should have for their own joys in life. An episode, which inevitably triggered a report to the juvenile prosecutor's office after a police patrol tracked down the child along the road in tears. Kevin McCallister's story from the film Home Alone should serve as an example, even for campers.

2017. The protagonist of the story is a 35-year-old haulier who, in order not to let himself have Saturday night fever marked only on the calendar, decides to take his 12-year-old son with him, leaving him in an isolated car park in Santena, the car with the engine running and the son on board. Car that would have been spotted at 03.30 by a Carabinieri patrol on duty. Once the father was traced, placed under arrest, the minor was entrusted to his paternal aunt.

2015, province of Udine. A 22-year-old Dominican girl together with her partner and compatriot are reported by the Carabinieri after the report made by the neighbors, to whom the child had turned for help after finding himself alone in the house. The couple had thus decided to leave the minor at home alone, in order to spend an evening at the disco. The little one will then be entrusted to a protected facility and the mother will be removed from custody.

The reasons for abandonment, in first place we find the psychic and social discomfort with 37%, followed by the fear of losing a job or economic problems 19%.

Fear of being expelled or having to raise a child alone in a foreign country is a trigger for 12% of immigrant women, followed by coercion for 7%; young age with 5%, loneliness with 5.4% and violence with 1.8%

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